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What We Do

The main functions of Legacoop Bologna

Legacoop Bologna’s prime objectives  are:

  1. Represent the associated cooperatives and safeguard their interests;
  2. Defend cooperative identity and promote the value system that motivates it;
  3. Promote cooperatives;
  4. Offer assistance, through service networks, to associates;
  5. Direct the system in order to favor the creation of better conditions for the development of cooperatives;
  6. Safeguarding.

Beyond the duties described above, Legacoop Bologna coordinates and promotes a series of projects aimed at reinforcing cooperative solidarity networks.


Values and cooperative principles

A cooperative is an enterprise which, beyond having to compete on the market, attempts to actualize  important values of solidarity and mutuality among workers and different generations.
In this way, the cooperative world represents an economic model alternative to the model offered by liberalism based on individual profit.


Services delivered to associated enterprises by Legacoop Bologna

Legacoop Bologna delivers a number of services to its associates; particularly distinguished are its assistance services in the following areas:

  • fiscal
  • labor legislation

Legacoop Bologna assists its members in the following areas as well:

  • industrial relations
  • promotion of new cooperatives
  • safeguarding privacy and on the job safety
  • waste management
  • financing (particularly relations with  consortium trustees).

Through its associates, Legacoop Bologna is also able to guarantee the following services:

  • training (CES VIP)
  • company consulting (Sacoa and SCS)
  • research and personnel selection (Workopp)
  • temporary work (Obiettivo Lavoro)
  • fiscal consulting (CAAF)

An online archive of reports produced by assistance offices relative to fiscal materials and labor legislation is available to all associated enterprises.


The history of the cooperative movement, particularly that of Bologna, can be summarized in four periods

1860 – 1920
The first Società Operaia di Mutuo Soccorso (Workers’ Mutual Help Association) was founded in Bologna in 1860 with the aim of safeguarding employment, the right to education, the right to strike, and universal suffrage.
In 1888, Bologna hosted the 2nd Federation of Italian Social Cooperatives Convention (the first had been held in Milan).