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Services delivered to associated enterprises by Legacoop Bologna


Legacoop Bologna delivers a number of services to its associates; particularly distinguished are its assistance services in the following areas:

  • fiscal
  • labor legislation

Legacoop Bologna assists its members in the following areas as well:

  • industrial relations
  • promotion of new cooperatives
  • safeguarding privacy and on the job safety
  • waste management
  • financing (particularly relations with consortium trustees).

Through its associates, Legacoop Bologna is also able to guarantee the following services:

  • training (CESVIP)
  • company consulting (Sacoa and SCS)
  • research and personnel selection (Workopp)
  • temporary work (Obiettivo Lavoro)
  • fiscal consulting (CAAF)

An online archive of reports produced by assistance offices relative to fiscal materials and labor legislation is available to all associated enterprises.

For more information about our services please contact the Legacoop Bologna Secretary’s Office (051/509828) or write to info@legacoop.bologna.it