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The charter is the fundamental law guiding the Legacoop Bologna; it disciplines its powers, organization, and its functional modality. It recalls the ethical values that its drafting was inspired by.


Legacoop Bologna’s Charter dictates the presence of different representational, governmental and authoritative organs.

The Charter dictates an Assembly of the Presidents of adhering cooperatives that meets once a year to define the association’s work program, and, every four years, elects the directive council and the president, as well as the auditing board and the guarantors’ commission. It is the association’s main organ of deliberation and direction.

The President is the association’s legal representative; external relations are delegated to him.

The Board of Directors is made up of a minimum of 40 and a maximum of 50 members, so that it is representative of the entire reality of Bolognese cooperation. Its main duties are: elaborate and actualize the strategic direction formulated by the Assembly of Presidents; adopt the directions of cooperative promotion policy, approve the association’s annual actual and preemptive accountant’s reports . The board of directors elects a presidential committee from its internal.

The Board of Directors elects a Presidential Committee from its internal, composed of from 7 to 13 members (beyond the President), who are given managerial duties for the Association.

The Board of Directors elects a Vice president who substitutes the president when necessary, as well as a general director who coordinates with the President regarding the managerial activities of the association.

An Auditing Board and a Guarantors’ Commission are also foreseen. The Guarantors’ Commission acts as a decisional power regarding any controversies arising between organizations adhering to Legacoop Bologna and within Legacoop itself, as well as regarding any questions relative to interpretation of the charter and its values of reference.